Faculty of Agriculture


Nomenclature of Degree for  Ph.D.


Doctor of Philosophy in abbreviated form Ph.D.


Duration of Degree Programme


For Ph.D. Programme:


The duration of Ph.D. program will be minimum of six semesters or 36 months. The degree has to be completed within ten semesters (five years) from the date of admission. In special circumstances, the academic council may allow a candidate two semesters (one year) to complete his/her degree. If the candidate fails then his/her admission will atomically be cancelled.


Medium of Instruction


The medium of instruction is English


Course Credit System


The course credit system involves course work with regular classes, assignments, quizzes, tests and examinations during and at the end of each semester. One contact hour in each week shall be considered as one credit hour. A course having one lecturer hour per week shall be considered as one credit hour course.


Courses Requirements:


For Ph.D. programme:


The Ph. D. degree candidate must complete a minimum of 62 credit hours of which at least 32 credit hours for course works and 30 credit hours for the thesis/dissertation research work.


Out of 32 credit hours, 30 credit hours for courses only and 2 credit hours for 2 seminars as course. A minimum of 24 credit hours shall be chosen from within the Major department and 6 credit hours from the Minor Department(s). The courses of the Major and Minor Departments will be selected in consultation with the Student’s Advisory Committee.


In the student’s study program, two seminars not related to thesis/dissertation research, but relevant to the subject in which he/she studying carrying one credit hour each to be completed in two separate semesters before comprehensive examination.


Grading System


Marks Obtain

Latter Grade

Grade Point

80% or above


(A plus)


75% to below 80%


(A regular)


70% to below 75%


(A minus)


65% to below 70%


(B plus)


60% to below 65%


(B regular)


55% to below 60%


(B minus)


50% to below 55%


(C plus)


Below 50%







There shall be three quizzes, one assignment, two mid semester tests and one final examination for each course in a semester. The mid-semester examination shall carry 40% (20% in each mid-semester) and the final examinations shall carry 40% of the total marks. The remaining 20% of the marks shall be assigned for quizzes (10%) and assignment (10%) given by the Course Teacher(s).

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